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To assist the youth in their Christian discipleship, and helping them grow spiritually though worship, study, and biblical teaching.

Three Three Student ministries is for Students 6th - 12th grades and has activities for Young Adults ages 18 - 23

Katalyst Youth Service 

Wednesdays at 6:30



To be an engaging body of Christ with an attitude of making a difference in our community.

We strive to be a group that will

  • Attract others to become part of the body of Christ

  • Energize and equips the students to extend the love of Christ to their peers

  • Surround others with the love and encouragement that Jesus set as an example




Christ CenterednessThe core of every function, lesson, and program will help the students grow in their in their spiritual relationship with God and a Christ centered faith.

Biblical teachingWe understand that the word of God is a gift and a guide for all of us. We will treat the Bible as such and engage in what the word is telling us.

Acceptance – We will be a place of refuge for all, it is a place where you can be yourself no matter where you come from.

CompassionateWe understand that there are those who are hurting or in need and we will strive to show love and encouragement to anyone who needs it.

Family OrientedWe recognize that we are all members of God’s family and will build relationships that will aid us in being stronger Christians.

Respectful We will foster an environment that shows self-respect, respect for others, and respect for God’s creation.


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